Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Weekly Rewind: Christmas Holiday Christmas Version

This week we give you a special Christmas/Holiday version of The Weekly Rewind.

What makes it a a special Christmas/Holiday version you ask?

It’s being posted two days before Christmas… that’s why.

On we go…

Applaud: to a federal grand jury that subpoenaed congressional records from Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) this past week. All of this is part of an ever-escalating Justice Department probe aimed at determining whether Weldon used his political influence in order to benefit family members. (Sure, using political muscle to get things for your family is old school, but the continuning probe into republican and, to a much lesser extent, Democratic politicians using said influence signals a change in the way the American public views such actions… or I could be wrong… but let’s face it, that’s highly unlikely…)

Heckle: to the unbridled and, in the words of the Washington Post colossally stupid, clear-cut racism of Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA). Racism that blatant and unhidden should NOT be allowed to serve in Congress. What a tool…

Applaud: for not following in the footsteps of “President” Bush. Newly-minted Defense Secretary Robert Gates met with Generals in Iraq recently, and he acknowledged that they have “expressed (a) concern(s)” regarding Dubya’s plan to increase U.S. troop levels in Iraq. Good news, too bad commander cuckoo-bananas won’t listen…

Heckle: to milestones we DON’T want to reach. With the deaths of three U.S. servicement in Iraq yesterday, the death toll stands at 2,959… just 14 shy of the total of deaths in the U.S. on 9/11. At this rate, the toll from 9/11 could be eclipsed just before or on Christmas Day… nothing more needs to be said…

Applaud: to more republicans refusing to fall in line behind Bush and his thuggery. Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) and Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) are going to “reintroduce legislation” aimed at limiting the government’s strongarming journalists to disclose confidential sources. Now that’s what I call an –inter-gop SMACKDOWN! Way to go guys. As Prince Leia said to Grand Moff Tarkin in the one and only Star Wars: “

Heckle: to idiocy… presidential style. At a press conference Wednesday, “President” Bush had some inspiring advice for a country that is currently caught in the middle of a bloody civil war halfway around the world and is facing an economic recession, among other things: “I encourage you all to go shopping more.” What. A. Tool.

Applaud: continued applauds and well-wishes to Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) as he recovers from emergency brain surgery last week. Good news: Johnson’s made it through the first 72 hours since the brain surgery, often considered a benchmark that doctors consider a good sign for recovery.

Heckle: to an economic recession that everyone (with a brain) can see looming. “Economic growth slowed to a 2% pace in late summer”, which is even more sluggish than previously thought. What powered this surge? Two words: Real. Estate.

Applaud: to the Washington Post (did I just write that??) for examining White House censorship of former Bush National Security Council Middle East Director Flynt Leverett. Click HERE to see the story on ThinkProgress. And the downward spiral continues… heh, heh, heh.

Heckle: to the continuance of the “President” living in his own little world. While the is “aggressively promoting” a plan to send upwards of 30,000 more troops to Iraq, the Joint Chiefs of Staff are in almost “unanimous disagreement”. That’s all fine and good, but it won’t mean a damn thing to this commander-in-chief. After all, he is “The Decider”… I’ve said it before today, I’ll say it again: What. A. Tool.

Heckle: to missing the real threat… again. U.S. allies and other parties fear that Somalia is spinning “rapidly out of control.” Even better: Al Qaeda has established a presence in the Somali capital while a “major war” looms between Somalia and Ethiopia. Once again… the real threat is being ignored as the administration concentrates soly on Iraq… 2008 can not come fast enough…

Heckle: to missing the real threat… again!!! A documentary says French special forces had Osama bin Laden in their sights twice about three years ago but their U.S. superiors never gave the go ahead to fire. An anonymous French soldier is quoted as saying: “In 2003 and 2004 we had bin Laden in our sights. The sniper said ‘I have bin Laden’.” Lovely… we all know that Bush let Bin Laden slip away at Tora Bora, and that he nixed going after al-Zarqawi in 2002, but this is scary. Naturally, the French military is denying these events, but it makes for some interesting speculation. Think about it; how would it have looked, if after everything the Bush administration had said abour France, and all the jokes republicans had told, that Bin Laden was taken out by the… the cheese-eating surrender monkeys French? Hmmmm…very interesting

All I have... take 'em as you will...


Vigilante said...

Somaliland is the victim of unprovoked, naked, and cold-blooded international aggression. The United States should recognize the UIC government diplomatically.

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