Saturday, September 24, 2005

Some facts on WMD's

Weapons of Mass Destruction or WMD’s as they are also known are defined in part by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia as follows:
“Weapons of mass destruction (WMD) generally include nuclear, biological, chemical and, increasingly, radiological weapons……progressing through the Cold War, the term came to refer more to non-conventional weapons. “

Some people have claimed that Iraq possessed WMD’s and that is why we went to ‘war’. This is a theory that is held in strong belief by members of the conservative right as justification for our involvement in the invasion of Iraq. Now in that same vein, North Korea has self admitted WMD capability, but are we invading North Korea?

In a report to the Senate Armed Services Committee in October, 2004 our own CIA reported that Saddam Hussein did not possess stockpiles of illicit weapons at the time of the U.S. invasion in March 2003 and had not begun any program to produce them. The report also went on to state that Iraq’s WMD program was essentially destroyed in 1991. However Iraq worked hard to cheat on UN imposed sanctions and retain the capability to resume production of WMD’s at some time in the future.

Now it is known that Iraq possessed 350 tons (700,000 pounds ) of high explosives. But these high explosives do not themselves count as WMD. These explosives known as RDX and HMX were stolen from a facility in Iraq that had been found, stored and sealed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The United States knew about this facility.

When were they stolen? How about in the early days of the US led invasion in March 2003!! (Wow, we really had a game plan for this invasion in place didn’t we….)

The US Department of Defense had pressured the Iraqi Interim Government from releasing information on the theft to the IAEA as the US government did not allow the IAEA to re-enter Iraq after the invasion.

This points once again to the incompetence of the current administration (and this is a big one). The storage facility was high on the IAEA commissions list of facilities to secure as they knew the material was of such importance that they did not want it floating around.

And what happened to these explosives, no one really knows, but the experts believe that they are being used to make some of the roadside bombs that have been killing coalition troops.

There are also another 650 tons of lesser conventional munitions that have also gone missing and are also being used against our troops and Iraq police and freedom loving Iraqi people.

Many people will also state that we went to war with Iraq to fight against terrorism. Again, this is another theory that is held in strong belief by members of the conservative right. However the fact is that the terrorists that were responsible for 9/11 (one of the saddest days in our country) were not from, nor were they associated with Iraq. There are many other nations in the middle east who are also known or considered to be state sponsors of terrorism ; Libya, Sudan, Iran for instance , but have we invaded them, no.

I have served proudly in the U.S. Army. I have relatives who are currently in Iraq and have been there previously as well. I do whole-heartedly support our troops.

However I KNOW that you can support our troops but still question the validity of why they are there in the first place.

The reason that we invaded Iraq. Who knows? Maybe our ‘President’ felt the need. Why? Maybe for making daddy look bad after the first time we invaded and did not complete the job back then? Maybe to gain control of oil rights? (Although our prices have not gone down or remained steady) Again, who knows really, but the fact is that we now have close to 2000 american sons and daughters, husbands, fathers, wives and mothers that have died, and there is no clear consensus among the american people of why?


Anonymous said...

First of all, as you well know sice you have been in the military, the soldiers, Marines, and other members of the military are there because they have been told to go there. When you sign the dotted line on the form when you enlist, you officially become property of the United States government. What do you think GI stands for? Government Issue. No one in the military was forced to sign that line. It was done willingly. If you don't agree with the policies of the Commander-In-Chief, then by all means don't join the military!!!!! If you do it for the money, you are doing it for the wrong reason anyway. Serving in the greatest nation's military is a great honor and privilege. Do you think if Cindy Sheehan's son could see what she is doing, would he be HAPPY with the fool she has become? I don't think so! She says all she wanted was to talk to Bush, well.....SHE ALREADY HAS!!!!!!!!!!!! Along with other family members who were experiencing the same grief as she was!!!!! The media is just using the ignorant woman and she is just too stupid to realize it! Besides, since she dissed Hilary Rodham Clinton, she is no longer the poster girl for the left. Whoops!! She has become an embarrasment for Democrats. My guess is that she will fade away in the very near future. She has the right to protest, but she is smearing the memory of her son's fight in the name of freedom by ranting and raving about something over which she has no control. There is really no use is're a liberal and you therefore have no brain to think with. I really pity you.

Scott said...

In my opinion Cindy Sheehan needs to step back and get less emotional and more educated, that said, she has no basis on the conversation at hand.

Yes, I know that when you are in the military that you go where you are ordered. No one is questioning that.

We as a free sociey are questionning the 'reason' that our troops were sent, as no matter who you ask you get a different answer. Even within the conservative arena the answers are different.

Even as a conservative you should be able to grasp the concept of free thought and letting ideas be discussed openly and honestly in a free society.

If we do not have the freedom to question our leaders then we mirror the beginnings of Fascism and Marxism.

Your rebuttal is a classic example of conservative distraction from indisputable facts.

I feel sorry for you that you must resort to distraction tactics and personal attacks instead of dealing honestly with the facts.

Kemp said...

What can you expect Scott, he or she doesn't even have the gumption to use their name. Anonymous, might as well sign it: Scared to think for myself...

Anonymous said...

No way is it humane or appropriate to justify sacrificing our soldiers lives and futures by saying they knew what they were signing when they signed their name on the dotted line. First of all, they pledged to defend our country not offend for our country. Those of us patriots who value the lives of our fellow patriots have more moral character than those who have such a cold and callus view of another's life. Second, when our government decides to go to war, the action should be an automatic trigger for the draft with no deferments. This way every patriot and citizen would be called on to sacrifice for the cause. Then maybe those who are so eager to sacrifice the lives of others would think twice about making the decision to go to war and support going to war. During times of peace, fine, have a volunteer army it makes sense. It is easy to support going to war when someone else is making the sacrifice and you have nothing to lose. Then maybe we would go to war as a last resort with a well thought out plan and a clear understanding of the consequences of our actions. The Citizens of America who question the intentions and plans of the government during military conflicts are supporting the troops and those who do not question the government are not supporting the troops. Blind loyalty to any politician is the ultimate act of stupidity. Think about it? The people are the government. However, today American domestic and foreign policy is formulated by big business and multi-national corporations for profit. Their tools are politicians, money and media. Finally, you are the embarassment an should crawl back into your hole and fade away. War is not Liberal, Conservative, Democrat, or Republican it is a tragedy of humanity.