Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Guest Post from Queen of Spain

Editors Note: Scott and I are pleased to welcome another member of our circle of blogmigos; Queen of Spain. Like the previous guest post, she's graciously written a post for us to help us celebrate our First Birthday/Anniversary. So without any more ado, here's our second guest post in our celebration calvacade.

The hubby and I were watching Bill Maher last night, once again wallowing in the down spiral of this country due to the Bush Dynasty, discussing just who the Dems will run in ’08.

The problem with my answer to who I think should run is I’m so very beaten down by Bush-isms that I only have my heart left. Just emotions. Common Sense and actual brain power have officially left me after too many years of King George and his bumblefucks.

As a woman, and all things woman lover, I’d love to see Hillary run. But this country is so very divided right now, that I just don’t thin she would help matters. Everyone would still hate each other and everyone would still fight like idiots.

I want that warm fuzzy hope feeling back. I want to BELIEVE in the good of this country yet again. I want to BELIEVE that most Americans really aren’t the sheep-like idiots
they have seemed to become under this administration.

I want Barack Obama to run... and win.

I have such a crush on him. He makes me feel all giddy and hopefully and willing to fly my flag instead of burn it and move to Canada.

Stick with me here, I realize he’s young and inexperienced. And I realize the Dems wouldn’t take the chance because they immediately lose votes simply because he’s black.

But who else do they have? And who else could actually use their charisma and fantastic speaking abilities to actually HEAL this nation? Give back some HOPE to this nation? Bring this nation back together?

Right. So let’s just pretend this is possible. It would show the Dems have balls. It would bring them back to what their party was really all about. And it would restore my faith that something exciting and wonderful and energizing and warm and fuzzy could actually be possible in this great land.

I think Obama could overcome the race issue by speaking his ass off everywhere. He actually had my husband’s ultra-Christian, West-by God-Virginia family members talking after the last convention. “What a nice man. He was really something. I would vote for him.” Which lead me to believe he had the power to make people look beyond race, ala Michael Jordan.

I need to have hope, because right now I have less than zero. I need to believe anything is possible. I need to believe this country could elect a moderate Democrat. A black man.

And then we can all hug and cry and forget the past 8 years ever happened.

I need to believe this is possible. I have to hold out hope. Because I currently am one more Bush decision away from the Great White North.

Or Europe.

Or Down Under.

Anywhere but here.

Obama in ’08. Or bust.


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Anonymous said...

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Kemp said...

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you get the idea...

Anonymous said...

I heart Obama.

I hope America is ready.

I wonder if the Democrats put up a Clinton/Obama ticket if they would win with flying colors, or if everyone's head would explode?

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Oprah! Oprah! Oprah!

Anonymous said...

If you want the warm fuzzy feeling back, you need to start having a respect for life, first. We need a president who will stop the murdering of unborn babies. We also need a fence along our borders and a president who will say NO to amnesty. I'm sick of illegal aliens jumping the fence and we have to pay for them.

I'm sick of listening to liberals whine about the war on terror and START fighting the WAR ON TERROR.

Once we have that, then I think that warm fuzzy feeling will come back.

Anonymous said...

QofS - you're welcome in my Canada anytime, sister.

Go Obama Go!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon-

Suck it


Lorelai said...

I have been really hoping Obama will run too. He is the only one out there who even inspires a smidge of hope in me anymore. For me it is a plus that he is younger and has less experience. All I know is I am sick of the current administration and Canada looks better and better everyday.

Anonymous said...

Great post QofS and I totally agree.

Personally I think a Bayh/Obama ticket might work. Bayh would give Obama the street cred that he would need and Obama has the charisma and the background that will bring in the votes.

I still get chills when I think back on the speech he gave at the last DNC. I'd LOVE to see him in a debate; I'll bet it would be entertaining!

Either way the Dem's have to get their shit together this election. This could be the most important election in our nation's history.

It seems to be the one where we decide once and for all who we want to be as a people and where we want to go as a country.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd like to just go the road of NOT looking like morons for awhile.

Erin said...

I wish people (Anonymous!) could move beyond the one or two divisive issues that their church and the conservative right have made into the entire Republican political platform.

I mean, are abortion, immigration or gay marriage really more important than the loss of our civil rights? Not to me, but then, I'm about as liberal as they come. I'd volunteer for Obama in a heartbeat.

Laurie said...

Hey Anonymous (aka Repuglican hypocrite chickenhawk obviously afraid to make his identity known): Yeah, (your) president Bush really has respect for life. Just ask our dead soldiers. Just ask the dead Iraqi civilians. Just ask the dead children in Lebanon who have been killed by American weapons. Just ask the prisoners (most of whom haven't been charged with any crime whatsoever) in American gulags who are subjected to torture. Just ask the people who drowned in New Orleans.

Warm and fuzzy indeed.

As for the '08 race: I don't trust Hillary. She's supported the war, she's hanging with the likes of Rupert Murdoch, and strikes me as being a DINO - much like that other DINO, Joe Loserman - I mean, Lieberman.

I love Barack, too. However, he's too young/inexperienced to make a serious run for the Presidency at this time.

My dream ticket: Gore/Obama. That could fly. Seriously.

Unknown said...

Last week I asked my die-hard Republican husband and his die-hard Republican father after listening to them gripe for an hour about what a complete idiot Bush is, "What would it actually take to get you to vote for a non-republican? I mean you knew he was an idiot after the first four years, and yet you still voted for him...AGAIN!"

The husband responded solidly, "A good valid candidate..."

I said, "What does that mean?"

They said, "Well certainly not Hilary!"

"Why?" I asked.

They couldn't give me an answer. You think you feel trapped? I live in Oklahoma, land of the free, home of the die-hard Republican.

Anonymous said...

You know, if you want to go around and act like a hardass, you should at least be tough enough to use a name.

Jay said...

This post makes me depressed.

Democracy is dead. People don't vote for the best candidate. In fact, they vote for the candidate they like least just because he's with Party X.

And what is wrong with us, here in 2006, that we can still write a sentence like "I realize the Dems wouldn’t take the chance because they immediately lose votes simply because he’s black" and we all nod our heads. Because it's true. Because only white dickheads in blue suits get votes.

And though any number of rational people will sit here and agree that he could actually change American for the better, does he stand a chance of ever being nominated? And if he did, would even his supporters bother to go to the polls and vote?

And when did I get so cynical? Time to cancel the CNN?

Dread Pirate Robert said...

I totally agree, Queenie -- in fact, I'd go one step further.

I'd move FROM Canada TO the U.S. so I could vote for Obama.