Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Day Ahead

The Day Ahead in the hoity-toity world of politics...

  • WaPo: republicans in the house are going to call for a floor vote on the appointment of William Jefferson (D-LA) to a seat on the Homeland Security Committee. (Mark this down as this will be one of the few times you will ever see this phrase on this blog; “Good for the republicans”… ugh, I feel so dirty… Anyhow, Pelosi’s appointment of Jefferson, who is a subject of a federal bribery investigation, is republican-like cronyism. If Jefferson is somehow exonerated, then he can be put on the committee, but as long as he remains under investigation, he should NOT be allowed to be on any committee)
  • Associated Press: House Democrats are crafting a new anti-war proposal that would not cut off money for U.S. troops but would call for “President” Bush to acknowledge problems with an overburdened military… (Bush acknowledge a mistake?? That has about as much chance of happening as me being elected president)
  • WaPo: Walter Reed officials knew of the neglect of soldiers and the pathetic disrepair of the facility for over three years and did nothing… (this is not a surprise… and heads should roll. Will they? Highly unlikely, odds are they’ll find a patsy to take the fall…)
  • NY Post: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) called Sen. Hillary Clinton “nasty” and “ruthless.” (Hello pot, this is the kettle… you’re black. Anyone who would leave his cancer-stricken wife has no place, NO PLACE, to call anyone else ‘ruthless.’ Let me tell ya something Newt, you’re a relic in the republican party, no one on either side cares if you run or not, so why don’t you just STFU…)
  • Boston Globe: Conservative activists “are shifting their 2008 focus to recapturing the House and Senate” in the hope that gop-control of at least one chamber of Congress would derail any Liberal policies that could arise from a Democratic or moderate republican White House. (So let’s hope that Liberal activists, along with Grass Roots Liberals, don’t lose sight of the other important races in 2008. While winning the presidency should be the primary goal, we also need to maintain control of at least one, if not both, the House and Senate…)
  • WaPo, USA Today: Deliberations in the Scooter Libby trial continue, and have now encountered some snags
  • Chicago Tribune: Fed Chief Ben Bernanke said the “economy is sound.” (Sure it is Ben, sure it is…)

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