Thursday, July 13, 2006

Random Political Thoughts for a Thursday Afternoon

Stupid is as stupid does. The federal antiterrorism database includes potential “targets” like Old MacDonald’s Petting Zoo and the Amish Country Popcorn factory. The National Asset Database seems to be so flawed, that the inspector general found that Indiana has 8,591 potential terrorist targets (50% more New York (which has 5,687) and twice as many as California (with 3,212), this makes Indiana the most target-rich state in the U.S.” (Who came up with this list, David Letterman? Maybe the government should look into altering the database a tad…)

The numbers don’t lie. Next year’s monthly premium for Medicare Part B outpatient coverage, which will be an 11% increase over this year, is going to be $98.40 (Way to overhaul Medicare there Dubya…idiot)

I’ll believe it when I see it. Haliburton will no longer be providing logistical support to U.S. troops worldwide as the Feds have decided to discontinue the troubling and controversial deal. (That’s all fine and good, but shoule we believe it? My heart, and my brain, say no we shouldn’t until we see viable proof)

Potshot on the VP Russian President Vladamie Putin, during an NBC News interview, called Vice President Dick Cheney’s recent criticisms of Russia an “unsuccessful hunting shot.” Nice snark Mr. President… keep it up

Well, duhhhhhh. An analysis prepared by Treasury, confirms what everyone with a brain of their own already knows: tax cuts don’t come anywhere close to paying for themselves.”

Stupid is as stupid does, part II Conservative pundit Michael Savage has gone on the record stating that “Liberalism is, in essence, the HIV virus.” (What the HELL does that mean? Let me know how you like this analogy; Michale Savage is, in essence, a tool.)

I’ll believe it when I see it, part II The Pentagon has determined that every detainee that is being held in US military custody are entitled to protections under the Geneva Convention. (Good… when we as a nation stop adhereing to the rules of civilization, we become the very thing we’re fighting against as terrorists who don’t have any belief in the sanctity of law, but we should)

It’s legal, baby! A federal judge ruled earlier this week that the raid and seizure of records from Rep. William Jefferson’s (D-LA) offices was legal, which prompted investigators to say that Rep. Jefferson will likely be indicted “sometime this summer.” (Before that happens, the Democratic party needs to act and toss him off any committee he serves on… now.)

Secret pacts. President Bush is proposing a nuclear pact with Russia. Members of the House International Relations Committee heard about President Bush’s proposed nuclear pact with Russia the same way average citizens did — in the pages of Saturday’s Washington Post. And panel members and staff, from both parties, aren’t very happy about it.”

Battle of the Blogs Mark Nickolas of The Bluegrass Report has filed a lawsuit against Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R) after he banned the blog (and all other Liberal blogs – yet keept conservative blogs safe) from state computers. (Here’s hoping that Nickolas’ case works, or we could see a rash of this kind of blog-banning happening everywhere… right, Scott… Scott??? Where the hell are you buddy?? Hellooooooo…)

The Defecit Song and Dance. Bush’s expected announcement today heralding the shrinking budget deficit is full of deception. “This will be the third year in a row that the administration put forth relatively gloomy deficit forecasts early on, only to announce months later that things had turned out better than expected.”

Hack this! Hackers in China broke into the State Department’s computer system looking for information, passwords and other data. (Still no word if they got the cheats for “Halo 3” or not…)

Rising interest rates, coupled with incessantly high gas (or petrol for all you visitors from Europe) are going to “pinch consumer spending” more than anyone previously thought… well, duh… and will , weaken the U.S. economy. Gee, too bad nobody thought of that before… oh, wait, someone did…

She’s back! After weeks of staying out of the media spotlight by actually keeping her staff intact, it looks as though Florida Senate candidate Katherine Harris (R) is losing much of her staff… again… for like the billionth time. Her communications director resigned Wednesday, and The Hotline blog is reporting that most of her current campaign staff will resign either today, Thursday, or tomorrow, Friday. About time, I was starting to lose faith in her as a lightening rod for snark.

Against the grain. Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) announced that he will schedule a vote next week on the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act (HR 810), calling it the “best chance for our country to vigorously pursue research” of stem cells. Do you know what position your Senator has on stem cells? Click HERE to find out, and take action if it goes against what you want.

Take 'em as you will...

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